Digital health literacy is the ability to search, assess, and make use of health information via electronic media. Digital technology brings many potential benefits for health including the ability for early prevention and remote monitoring. A health literacy approach can build citizens’ confidence and skills to develop digital skills, and hence benefit from digital technology , thereby helping to reduce digital inequalities.

There is a range of innovative techniques at our disposal to robustly measure health outcomes along specialty pathways, and tailor those analysis to relevant metrics. There is a huge amount of scope to push this analysis further in service to the Intervention Design Sessions. Part of the MedTech programme, run by Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group is to collect digital literacy when offering a digital tool as part of the model of care as this will help us make our Elective Care Recovery plans more efficient.

Therefore, we will be asking your Primary Care Networks to sent out text campaigns to all the patients to gather and code the digital literacy of the population. The data we collect would help segment those that are more inclined to adopt digital tool whilst waiting or during treatment. In addition, patients can have a patient status alert as a means of highlighting those that would benefit from digital offers. For more information or queries, please contact: