Local councils and NHS services are working together in what’s called an Integrated Care System (ICS) ‘Our Dorset’.

Part of this is having a shared plan setting out our priorities over the next few years.

The national picture

The national picture

What matters most to future plans for health services in Dorset

We are planning how to improve health and wellbeing in Dorset. This is being done in line with the NHS ‘Long-Term Plan’, setting out national priorities and ambitions for the next ten years.

It shows how the NHS and local councils will continue to provide high quality care across the country and continues from the five-year plans that have shaped services up until now.

Previously for Dorset, this included the Clinical Services Review when the Dorset CCG made its decisions about hospital and community services for the county. And greater focus on prevention activities such as the Healthy Homes Dorset scheme helping vulnerable people improve their living conditions.

In your local area

What this means in your local area

What the NHS Long Term Plan means for Dorset

We’ve already done a lot to improve services and make better use of our collective resources. We now have an opportunity to build on this and think of more innovative ways to meet the needs of our communities.

Our plan won’t just focus on health services, it will look at a variety of things that affect our health such as stopping smoking and doing more exercise, to living in healthy communities and making the most of our natural environment.

Focusing on Dorset

Priorities for Dorset

What we are focusing on


Enabling people to take more control and responsibility for their care, designing services around a person to meet their individual needs.


This will lead to higher levels of positive patient experience and higher levels of patients feeling in control.


Focusing on other factors that affect our health such as employment, housing and family relationships. Helping all residents get the best start in life, living well into adulthood and ageing well.


This will lead to fewer people living in poverty.

Living Well

Providing more care in the community and out of hospitals so people can get the right care, at the right time and from the right professional.


This will lead to improvements in the quality and equality of care.


Improving health outcomes for all residents so we all have the same opportunity to live well no matter where we live or what our circumstances are.


This will lead to a better healthy life expectancy and reduce the gap between the richest and poorest across the county.


Increasing training for and recruitment of staff, with a focus on leadership and mental health and wellbeing. Making public services and the wider health and care industry a better place to work.


This will lead to higher staff retention and fewer instances of staff sickness and improve the quality of care for patients.


Using digital technology to deliver services in new ways.


This will lead to better access to services and give people access to and control over health and wellbeing information.