Start thinking about going home 

Hospital is the right place to be when you need specific medical and surgical treatment, however once this is complete it is important that you leave hospital in a planned and timely manner.  

When you are admitted your care team will already be starting to think about getting you home.  

They will: 

  • Assess what support or special equipment you may need on discharge 

  • Speak to your relatives or carers about help you may need 

  • Inform other teams (e.g. your GP or rehab team) that you have been in hospital and may need additional care when you leave 

You can also help by making plans before you are admitted.  Here are some things to consider:  

  • Transport home – if you aren’t able to drive or use public transport, is someone able to pick you up and take you home or will you require medical transport?

  • If needed do you have someone who can look after you when you get home? 

  • Do you have suitable clothing and footwear for your discharge? 

  • Do you have enough food at home or can someone organise this? 

  • Do you have your medicines and / or repeat prescriptions? 

  • Do your care team need to notify anyone of your discharge when the time comes? 

Leaving hospital in a timely manner will help make beds available for other people when they are needed – this is especially important over long weekends and holidays such as Easter – and will help you as a prolonged stay in hospital can make it harder for you to readjust to your usual lifestyle and activities. 

If you have any questions, please speak with your care team on admission.